Frequently Asked Questions

What is LED lighting?
LEDs create light by passing electricity through a light emitting diode (LED), which is a type of electronic component called a semiconductor. LED lights can replace any incandescent and fluorescent lights you presently use in your home, office, shop or factory.


How is the brightness of an LED light measured?
It is measured in lumens (lm), which tells you the amount of light produced in a given direction. The higher the number, the brighter the light. An LED light’s luminous efficacy, meanwhile, tells you how much light is output per unit of power in lumens per Watt (lm/W).


What are the benefits of replacing ordinary bulbs with Q-RAY™ LED lights?
LED light sources offer many advantages:-

  • Less heat LED bulbs convert most electricity used into light – unlike incandescent bulbs, which turn most of the electricity into heat.
  • Cost savings Energy efficient and energy saving, LED lights reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%.
  • Robust and long lasting LED bulbs last longer than normal bulbs, including energy saving bulbs.
  • Environment friendly LED bulbs do not contain mercury.


What are the other advantages of using Q-RAY™ LED lighting?
Compared to non-LED lights, Q-RAY™ light bulbs:-

  1. Create a more natural ambience.
  2. Don’t release ultraviolet (UV) light.
  3. Light up quickly.
  4. Are noise-free.
  5. Are guaranteed for up to 3 years.


How much longer do LED lights last compared to other lights?
Much longer, as these figures show:-
(Note: Estimates vary depending on the manufacturer)
Incandescent lighting = 1,000 hours
Energy saving lighting = 8,000 hours
LED lighting = 50,000 hours


What are my cost savings by using Q-RAY™?
Q-RAY™ offers you the following savings* in the long run:
(* Based on 17,600 hours of use over 8 years and cost of electricity of RM0.35 per KWh)
15% compared to an LED competitor
50% compared to compact fluorescent lights
80% compared to incandescent lights


What are the advantages of Q-RAY™ compared with other LED lights?
Q-RAY™ is more cost effective than other established brands based on cost per lumens. It is brighter for the price.


Can I replace my old lights with Q-RAY™ using my existing lights fittings?
Yes, you can. Just buy the correct model and it will fit in easily. Please follow the appropriate instructions on the packaging.


Can I use Q-RAY™ LED bulbs indoors and outdoors?
Yes. They are suitable for homes, offices, condominiums, restaurants, shop outlets, sports centres, commercial centres, and more.


Are Q-RAY™ LED products certified for quality?
Yes. Q-RAY™ LED products are CE (Europe) certified and UL (US) certified. Q-RAY™ LED Desk Lamp is the world’s first LED Desk Lamp to be Energy Star qualified under its category, and was awarded the Honorable Mention award in the “Lighting for Tomorrow 2008” competition for its light quality. We are in the midst of applying for SIRIM certification for Malaysia.


Are Q-RAY™ LED products guaranteed?
Yes. Q-RAY™ LED products have warranty periods of 24 months or 36 months from the date of purchase, depending on the model. You can register at for all product warranty registration based on normal use.


Where are Q-RAY™ LED products manufactured?
Q-RAY™ LED products are fully designed and manufactured in Malaysia by ItraMAS Technology Sdn Bhd (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and IES LM-79 test for performance).


Where can I purchase Q-RAY™ LED products?
They are available at selected retail outlets across the country as well as our online store at You can also call our Toll Free line at 1800 88 7729 for further information.