About Us

ItraMAS Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of LED-based lighting applications. It has launched a series of high performance products under Q-RAY™ LED brand for the commercial, residential and public lighting sectors in Malaysia. Under the ItraMAS Corporation, we have over 10 years of field experience and staff strength with over 50 years cumulative experience in LED technology and development of LED Products.


Our R&D centre and manufacturing plant based in Penang is ISO9001:2000 (UK) and ISO14001:2004 (UK) certified and boasts one of the most comprehensive Advanced Optics laboratories in Malaysia. This allows us, to perform a complete set of testing of our range of home-grown LED-based products. We as a company specializes in research, design, manufacture, sales and service of LED lighting products.


Our US-based lighting division, Digital Lighting Incorporated (DLI) is an ENERGY STAR Partner and our Q-RAY™ LED lighting products* are listed under the Lighting Facts program. ENERGY STAR and Lighting Facts are programs under the US Department of Energy.


ItraMAS achieved a milestone in quality and innovation when its Q-RAY™ LED MP-400 became the world’s first LED desk lamp to be listed by ENERGY STAR in 2010.  This innovation has also won Q-RAY™ LED MP-400 desk lamp the Honorable Mention award in the “Lighting for Tomorrow 2008” competition organized by Department of Energy and American Lighting Association.


Q-RAY™ LED MP-400 desk lamp


In 2011, ItraMAS achieved another milestone in quality and performance when its Q-RAY™ MR-16 became the world’s first LED MR-16 to be ENERGY STAR qualified boasting a lifetime of 50,000 hours with the lowest power consumption.


 Q-RAY™ MR-16


Under the 2009 UNESCO Restoration Project for Forbidden City in Beijing China, Q-RAY™ LED was selected to work on the lightings. The Q-RAY™ LED lightings were installed and have produced good results. They are in line with the requirements of historic artifacts preservation.


 Emperor Qianlong's Living Room


Certifications, Patents and Awards Locally and Internationally:-


International  & Local Certifications

  • - US Underwriter Laboratory (UL)
  • - Certified to European Standard (CE)
  • - China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
  • - Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM)
  • - Registered manufacturer/ supplier of LED Street Lights by Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR)
  • - Buatan Malaysia Logo by KPDNKK


Awards and Patents

  • - 2 patents awarded and more patent-filling in the pipe line
  • - Award by US DOE for quality of light design 2008
  • - Energy Star listing


US Energy Star Partner

  • - Active participation in US DOE SSL programs (San Diego, Washington, Chicago, Boston and Raleigh)


Q-RAY™ LED lighting products are exported to over 17 countries globally, including US, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, China, South Africa, France, Hong Kong and Singapore. With comprehensive R&D and advanced testing capabilities, this gives consumer peace of mind when using Q-RAY™ LED products